West Oxford Pantomime Association


A WOPA Production

This was our second production. We learnt a lot from last year and started a lot earlier!

Helen Reid wrote the script once again. Megan and Greg Hooper organised the musical side of things magnificently. Aaron Hirtenstein agreed to direct his second panto and thankfully Mark Round agreed to be Stage Manager again.

Over 60 people turned up to audition. Sadly we had to turn a number away, because even if we could have found parts for them, they simply would not have fitted backstage! Luckily, most of those people just wanted to be involved and so helped out with production activities.

In the end, we had a cast of 38 and over 70 people helped out front of house, back stage and in production activities. We staged four performances which were attended by over 480 people! So a good proportion of West Oxford Residents participated in this production in one way or another.


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