Auditions for Goldilocks

After looking at how we have managed auditions, director communications and rehearsal schedules in the past, we have decided to try out an online service built specifically for community theatres.

This service will allow you to manage a profile and conflict calendar that you submit whenever auditions come up that you are interested in. It will save you filling out the same form every year and us keying in contact info over and over. And best of all, you manage your own conflict calendar, it syncs with the rehearsal schedule for the director, and the rehearsals that are important to you are highlighted on your dashboard. No more worrying because your child says she's a Gosling but you thought she was a Cornetto!

To register for an audition

Go to Cast98 and create an account. Fill in the required fields on the profile. You will then be able to fill in your audition form. We don't need resumes so please leave that blank. We will only need headshots if you are cast so that can be left for later.

Parent/Carer with more than one child auditioning

Go to Cast98 and create an account for YOURSELF and then Log out (log out link at very bottom of page). Doing this will allow you to see all of the rehearsals and other important information for all of your children if they are cast. Don't forget to make a note of your username! Once you have logged out, go back to Cast98 and create an account for each child, filling in the required fields on the profile and then the audition form. We don't need resumes or headshots for children so please leave those sections blank. In the additional information section (for at least one child) please let us know if you have a DBS and what you can do to help WOPA put on the show e.g. chaperone, usher, bar, other.


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