West Oxford Light Festival was part of the wider Oxford Christmas Light Festival. WOLF was made possible thanks to WOPA, WOCCArts, Cyclox and YOU! We were sponsored by Oxford City Council, Finders Keepers, Councillor Susanna Pressel and Councillor Lois Muddiman.

Lantern making workshops during the October half term attracted 79 people (both children and adults). In addition a separate workshop was organised by one of our local residents.

The fantastic octopus was made by local residents over a two week period, along with a shark, fish, jellyfish and sea urchins.

On the day, the trees were illuminated in a variety of colours and some of the decorations were hung from them. The fence to the play area was adorned with fairy lights. 25 children booked to have their face painted in glow-in-the-dark colours.There was glow-football, glow-frisbee, a shadow theatre, and other glowey-type activities. The first one hundred people had a free bowl of soup from Tumbling Bay Kitchen.

The lantern parade started at 5pm. It was led by the band Sol Samba who drummed out some carnival type rhythms, followed by the giant octopus, the lanterns, then the group of sleighs and cyclists.

After the parade, the children from PERFORM did some glow dancing routines.

Overall, we had 700 people visit WOLF. That included, 46 sleighs and cyclists, over 100 lanterns, ten musicians and a whole heap of onlookers.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in any way. If you have some ideas for next year, please let us know!


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